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Ochung wants to quit with head high

Professional boxer Robert Ochung, 33, has not won a fight since 2007 and he wants the situation to change.

Ochung is plotting a comeback and is playing his cards close to his chest.

He plans to knock down a few opponents before he calls it quits from his favourite sport.

The boxer had a colourful amateur career dating back to 1995 when he was in high school.

In 2003 he ventured into the professional ranks.

“I cannot recall the exact number of bouts I fought but I won 20 encounters in the amatuer ranks. As a pro, I have lost 16 and won 10 fights. Most of the professional matches were unsanctioned,” said Ochung.

In 10 years, Ochung has fought the legendary Raymond Ochieng a record seven times and lost all the fights.

One bout stands out. In 2008, he almost had his way during their fight at Jevanjee Gardens.

Ochung appeared to be on the path to victory before a knockout punch floored him in the third of four rounds.

“After that fight Ochieng called me for a chat over drinks. He told me I had given him a hard time on that occasion. We have remained friends and we still meet whenever he is in the country,” said Ochung.

Their 2010 bout at Pal Pal Gymnasium is his worst memory. Ochieng won by knockout after breaking Ochung’s jaw.

The latter was only paid Sh4,000 and was forced to beg for money to cater for medical costs.

Born in Nairobi, Ochung fell on hard times after clearing Eastleigh Boys. He took up boxing for a living.

When not fighting, Ochung is a herbalist to supplement his meagre income of Sh4,000 per fight.