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Octopizzo: Hip hop is dead in Kenya

Rapper Octopizzo, known for being a straight shooter and speaking his mind, says that at the moment “hip hop is dead in Kenya”.

In a post on his Instagram page, Octopizzo intimated that nothing is happening on the hip hop scene, especially after all the hype in December through to January, and that people are waiting for him to drop something in order to counter attack.

“…Why do I always have to be the one to wake you’re weak a** rappers up? But I guess it also feels great to be the SI Unit of quality, dopeness and growth. All I see is some funny looking videos shot with God knows what, some dropping 20 songs in one month and no one knows even one song. The “Who is King” guys are back in their shells. How did that go by the way?”

Could he be taking a dig at Rabbit?