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Octopizzo slaps ban on photographers, seeks to cash in on image rights

Kenyan rapper Octopizzo is an angry man. He is tired of freelance photographers making money from photos taken at his events.

The rapper on Tuesday slapped a ban on freelance photographers from attending his concerts and events without prior permission.

Octopizzo claims unauthorised photos have been used to spark social media wars behind his back.

“Any person or organization not affiliated with Octopizzo may not use, copy, alter or modify Octopizzo photographs, graphics, videography or other reproductions or recordings without the advance written permission of Octopizzo and his management team,” read part of his post.

The Ivo Ivo singer later said only freelance photographers who sign consent will be allowed to his events.

“Known media that will be invited to the event is not prohibited at all. Freelance photographers who most of the time gets in with complimentary tickets has to sign a consent. It’s a standard even commercial media always signs a consent.”