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This Octopizzo TBT photo has left his fans speechless

Rapper Octopizzo has left his fans speechless after sharing a picture of his younger self when he was still hustling as an unknown artiste.

The picture shared on his Instagram page shows a much slender Octopizzo wearing baggy faded jeans and an extra-large t-shirt.

“Men I used to yawn and just dream about being the greatest of all time, I listen to Nas, Jay & Em. Then I put my words together & boom that feeling that you get when you are who you think you are! The type of isolation that comes with that level of artistry is a lonely place and cold you just floating in the middle of Nowhere, but sometimes you have to sacrifice that’ for your family to be happy. What is fame? Fame is being known by everyone but you not wanting to be with anyone #BITD #TBT,” wrote Octopizzo.

The photo drew lots of reactions from Octopizzo’s fans. Here are some of their comments:

“From zero to hero,” said titoaboch.

“Bonge la tbt, umetoka mbali sana chalii,” wrote janbkiwia.

“You’ve come from far Mehn.. You are a true definition of Success,” commented melvinomilito

“Waa kweli nakumbuka nkikuona kwa cypher wabe… sai naskia ma deejay ukuogopa na we si kenzo,” wrote collyword.

“I will be waiting for the video of young puffy to drop, got maaaad respek for u… U the best,” said carlos_omw

“Wewewe watu utoka mbali,” commented thee_officialdeljay.

“Unakaa ni kama unasema poem,” said robatmaina.

“bruh the trouser ama ulishonewa blanketi kama trouser,” asked melmark.

“Budaa ulikuwa umechapa ile mbaya,” said amkingsmash.