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ODM MPs warn Moses Kuria against personal attacks on Raila

A section of Nairobi ODM MPs has hit out at Gatundu South legislator Moses Kuria for his constant attack on their party leader Raila Odinga.

The lawmakers, led by ODM Nairobi County chairman and Makadara MP George Aladwa, have called on Kuria to desist from divisive politics and instead focus on helping the government led by President Uhuru Kenyatta in fighting coronavirus pandemic as well as corruption.


Mr Aladwa accused Mr Kuria of fighting any individual seen to be giving the backing the President needs to fight corruption and especially to recover stolen public money and land as well as deploy the recovered resources in the fight against Covid-19.

“When the government recovers grabbed public sewerage land, Kuria directs his guns at Raila Odinga because he believes that without Raila’s support, the government would not have dared recover such land. Kuria sees Raila as an enemy who is helping the president close the taps of corruption from which Kuria gets his cut,” said Mr Aladwa.

This is after Kuria went on social media to castigate the former premier telling him that his era as political revolutionist is over.

“Raila Odinga was the leader of the political revolution in this country. His era is over. He can spend his remaining days on earth with his fellow dynasties. We are in a new era of economic revolution. I am ready and willing to lead that revolution which will be (largely) peaceful,” said Mr Kuria.

But Mr Aladwa has told Mr Kuria to concentrate on representing his constituents rather than turn into an “errand boy” throwing insults at other leaders at the behest of his master.

“Gatundu South of all places in Kenya deserves better than this. Kuria is no longer representing his people. He is a mere errand boy, a gun for hire tweeting insults for a small sustenance allowance. He has failed as MP but is excelling at turning Raila Odinga into the reason for his being elected,” he said.


MP Kuria, in a separate post, had also linked Mr Odinga to the removal of former Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo as Kenya National Hospital Board chairman accusing him of settling political scores.

“Dear Raila Odinga. Why did you fire Eng Nicholas Gumbo as Chair of Kenyatta National Hospital? How many Covid billions are you expecting at KNH that you want a compliant man? Or is it because Gumbo will beat Oburu 10-0 for Siaya Governor 2022?” posed Mr Kuria.

However, Mr Aladwa warned the second time MP that as much as he has the right to feel dejected, angry and desperate after being isolated from Jubilee Party mainstream, he has no right to seek consolation in insulting Odinga.

The former Nairobi Mayor reminded Kuria that they too have the right and capacity to defend civilized and well-meaning leaders including the former Prime Minister and President Kenyatta.

“They have panicked that they have lost the race to succeed Uhuru Kenyatta. They are bitter that what they took for granted that come 2022 they will be in power has gone with the wind, just like that,” said Mr Aladwa.

“Kuria must therefore return to his masters and ask to be given another project, not insulting Raila Odinga. We will not accept continued insults. If he does not stop, we will stop him,” he added.