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OFF MY CHEST: I’m sick and tired of men glorifying sex with minors

Something very terrible is happening in our society, we are no longer a nation that protects its most vulnerable.

Men have turned on their wives, children and even grandmothers.

There is a bug going around town biting the male population, convincing the, it is cool to commit heinous acts.

Acts that will even make Lucifer blush when he hears about them.

What started as an isolated incident seems to have become a sickening trend on Facebook of men bragging about having sex with minors.

We have moved from a community of posting pictures of ourselves and family enjoying a holiday in Zanzibar –or world-beating athletes- to sick individuals whose minds are ruled by the nether regions.

When did we become a society that glorifies paedophilia, when did we start being okay with grown men shamelessly boasting of having intercourse with children as young as nine-year-olds?


What goes on through one’s sick mind when you lie down with a child?

What is wrong with the grown women we have? Pretty young ladies are so many in this city that if you had the balls you can persuade one that can quench your “thirst” instead of looking for a twelve-year-old who is not mature enough and emotionally ready for sex.

All this proves how big your ego is that you cannot go look for a real woman to satisfy your beastly urges. You are just a useless man – and I use the word man very loosely – who does not even deserve the respect of a loyal dog.

A real man will look for someone at his level, someone who can challenge him in intelligence, socially and also in the bedroom.


For starters, it all started when Ken Wa Mwangi a Kenya Airports Authority employee posted offensive messages on his Facebook page that glorified sex with minors. The last thing we heard from the company was that the matter was being investigated.

A few weeks later, a Mohammed posted pictures of himself with an underage girl in the bush, saying he had defiled her in the bush.

He was later arrested but released on a cash bail of Sh100, 000.



And last week,  Boaz Omariba Arasa did the same, bragging to a friend how he had bedded a high school girl. “All styles,” he boasted.

Then there was the stomach-churning pictures of two naked girls in Kibera who were photographed holding a penis. From the pictures, it was clear that they had been defiled. Several times.

Is that girl’s life worth that much?

She has been robbed off to knowing how beautiful intimacy can be, as she would be seeing every man as a beast. Does she even sleep at night, what emotional torture is she going through?

The saddest part is that all these men even with the kind of evidence found against them, some are still walking free. Prowl for the next victim while the judicial process drags its feet to convict these criminals.

It is a high time that someone took responsibility. We need to protect our sons and daughters and provide a safe environment they can grow in.

Or maybe like women it is time for men to have those Chama’s that their wives belong to, that they really hate. You might not like the fact women spend a lot of time in these groups, but it is there that all the hot juicy information is passed on, and somehow they get to learn and know about each other’s behaviors, in a neighborhood.

Men talk to each other in a neighborhood form those men clubs if the word Chama sounds too sissy for you. Or the next time you nod to say “hi” to a neighbor, you might be exchanging pleasantries with a man who is eyeing your four-year-old daughter.