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Officer goes against service order by allowing pupils to hold his firearm

A picture of a police officer who let school girls hold his firearm and that of a colleague has caused abuzz on social media.

In the picture, the smiling officer is seen posing for a picture with seven school girls, two of whom are holding firearms, presumably belonging to the officer and a colleague who is not in the picture.

The undated picture could have been taken during the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)  or Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations.

The pictures has been shared innumerable times on social media.

According to the National Police Service Act on regulation of how to use of firearms, servicemen are prohibited from giving out their guns to anyone, including their colleagues.


“A police officer shall not at any given time loan or give or facilitate the giving or loaning of service arms or ammunition to a police officer or a non-police officer, body or institution,” the Act reads in part.

A firearm issued to a police officer should always be at arm’s reach including when he or she is asleep.

The only time an officer should surrender his firearm is at the armory where he should give details of the firearm including the serial number and ammunition as well as the purpose the firearm are recorded.

The Nairobi News could not reach Police spokesman Charles Owino for a comment on the matter after our phone calls went unanswered.