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Oga Obinna accepts apology from Jony hairdresser over LGBTQ+ relationship

Popular Kenyan radio presenter Oga Obinna has accepted an apology from Jony Hairdresser, a well-known cross-dresser in the country, who previously claimed they were in a romantic relationship. Jony had also claimed that the two owned a house together.

Obinna acknowledged the apology in a tweet on Sunday, saying, “Apology accepted. We are moving on!!!”.

Jony Hairdesigner
Jony Hairdesigner

This came after Jony issued a public apology, clarifying that the video in which he made the claims was meant as a joke and not to cause any harm. Jony expressed his respect for Obinna and the way he handled the situation by offering him and his loved ones a free hair and makeup session.

“This is just to clear the air that I’m not dating @ogaobinna. The video was just a joke, nothing serious or meant to cause any problems for anyone. I respect Oga and the way he handled the situation. We’ve never met or interacted with him, but out of respect I think it’s fair to clear his name. I hope we meet sometime and also, @ogaobinna, you can bring your loved one for a hair and make-up session at my place,” Jony said.

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Following Jony’s initial comments, Obinna took legal action, demanding a public apology and a retraction of the statements. Jony was given until 24 April 2023 to apologise.

Obinna had stated that he would forgive Jony after receiving a public apology, but would pursue legal action for damages if evidence was not produced in court.

In response to the claims, Obinna initially denied them on his Instagram page, writing, “Sasa huyu ni nani yawa… Mimi ni team ROSECOCO jamani.” He also clarified in an interview that he is only friends with Dennis Karuri and does not know Jony.

Obinna stated, “I don’t know who this Jony guy is; I know Dennis Karuri; I’ve interviewed him; we’ve interacted a few times. I know him. I don’t know the other guy, so I don’t understand why he had to make that statement, then he had to make it about me specifically”.

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