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Oga Obinna visits Eric Omondi to confirm if his cash is real

Comedian Oga Obinna has visited the home of fellow funny man Eric Omondi to confirm if the money the latter has been flaunting online is real.

A video shared by Eric shows Obinna arriving at the former’s house where he proceeds to touch and feel the cash that is strewn in the living room.

Nimekuja kwa nyumba ya huyu clout chaser (I have visited the home of this clout chaser) to confirm if the money is real,” Obinna says in the video.

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Eric is then shows Obinna an app on his smartphone which he claims helps him milk cash in just a few moments.

“This (pointing at the money on the flour) is Sh1.3 million. And you’ve not gone to my bedroom. This is the app I’m using to make all this cash,” he says.

Lately, the two comedians have been on each other’s neck with Obinna claiming that someone is sponsoring Eric’s recent activism. In one video, Obinna repeatedly referred to Eric as a project.

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“There is something that is happening. Eric Omondi is a project. He is trying to do things like Raila Odinga but the only problem is that he is on his own,” Obinna said in the video.

“He is trying to give people maize flour here and there, organize a little crowd to get an audience, carrying people’s CVs to the State House among other things. But there are just two options in Omondi’s story, he is either a project or he is doing money laundering or a thief.”

However, Eric responded to Obinna by displaying six tall cases with numerous Sh1,000 notes, which he claimed amounted to millions of shillings.

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