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Ohangla Star Atommy Sifa postpones festive shows due to stress migraines

By George Odiwuor December 17th, 2023 3 min read

Ohangla star Tom Mboya Angaga, popularly known as Atommy Sifa, has put on hold at least 16 shows he had lined up at various entertainment venues in Nyanza after falling ill.

Sifa said he cannot sing in clubs for now because his stress level has increased.

He said his doctor has advised him to stay away from noisy places including clubs and bars for his health to improve.

This means he has to cancel all the shows he had lined up.

His manager, Daddy Epizo, sent out a message to Atommy Sifa’s fans informing them that the musician will not be entertaining them during the festive season as originally planned.

“We regret to inform our fans that due to the unexpected illness of our band leader Atommy Sifa, we are unable to continue with the planned festive concerts,” he wrote in the message.

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He continued: “However, we will keep you updated on his health progress in due course. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your support and co-operation”.

The manager asked fans to pray for Sifa.

The musician was scheduled to perform in various places in the Lake Region including Kisii, Siaya and Migori.

His schedule was to run from 15 December to 1 January 2024 with some breaks in between.

He even had a concert at an entertainment venue on Mfangano Island in the middle of Lake Victoria.

But all the shows were put on hold to allow the musician to recuperate.

Atommy Sifa told Nairobi News that he suffers from migraine.

It is a condition that can cause headaches of varying intensity, often accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.

Migraines are sometimes preceded by warning symptoms.

Triggers include hormonal changes, certain foods and drinks, stress and exercise.

He says he has been advised to stay indoors until his health improves.

According to Sifa, he contracted the condition when his musical instruments were stolen in 2021.

“My stress level increased when I asked friends to help me buy new instruments,” the musician said.

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Sometime this year, Sifa took to social media to seek financial support to buy musical instruments to get back on his feet and save his music career from being destroyed.

Some of his friends supported him by sending money, while others, including Ida Odinga, the wife of opposition leader Raila Odinga, bought him drum sets.

But he also faced criticism from some of his fans who accused him of misusing funds.

The turning point came when he released a new song called Atommy Sifa Jakwecho (kik ulimita), loosely translated as Atommy Sifa is a beggar (do not limit me).

It has since become a hit and has been listened to and watched by many people.

He says the new song praises people who have supported him through difficult times.

The song also criticises those who looked down on him when he needed help when his music career was on the verge of collapse.

“I composed 10 new songs after receiving support to buy new instruments,” said Atommy Sifa.

Among the songs is one in which he praises Ms Odinga.

These are among the songs he had planned to sing to his fans before he fell ill.

If he recovers before the New Year, his manager said he will entertain his fans according to his schedule.

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