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Ohangla star Atommy Sifa praises Ida Odinga, Raymond Omollo in new song

Ohangla star Tom Mboya Angaga, popularly known as Atommy Sifa has dropped a new track in which praises people who supported him at difficult moments.

The song also criticizes those who looked down upon him when he needed help when his music career was on the verge of collapsing.

The song is titled Atommy Sifa Jakwecho (kik ulimita), loosely translated as Atommy Sifa is a beggar (do not limit me).

In the song, Mr Angaga begins his lyrics with a monologue on what people told him as he struggled to get musical instruments.

He narrates how different people would talk to him as he sought help to save his career from ending,

“Atommy Sifa be iseyudo instruments? Ayudo kure? Mago ok joma limita (Do you have musical instruments? I do not. Whoever says that wants to limit me),” the musician said in the first stanza.

He continued “To jogi wacho ni iseyudo instruments. An kik ulimta (it is reported that you have the instrument. Do not limit me).”

He said he decided to compose the song to paint a picture of how his life has been over the past few months.

He used the song to praise those who supported him at his hour of need while condemning those who were trying to stop him from seeking help.

Some of the people he praised as having supported him is Ida Odinga who bought him drum sets.

Sifa also praised Interior Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo who gave him money to purchase musical instruments.

“Some of the criticism I got made some people who wanted to support me have second thoughts. A lot of lies were said about me when I was seeking help,” the musician told Nairobi News.

He said he has not been able to get everything he needs to sing perfectly.

“I am still missing speakers and a power hump,” he said.

Mr Angaga had a successful music career in the past years.

He would be invited to perform at different events where he held live concerts.

But his world turned upside down in August 2021 when all his musical instruments were stolen from his bar in Adiedo in Rachuonyo North.

“A had just been featured in a show by Jalongo when a group of criminals broke into my club and stole all my instruments,” he said.

The musician decided to turn to social media as his only hope for seeking financial assistance to continue with his career.

While others supported him by sending his money to buy guitars, drums, electronics, and other machines that he could use to sing, there were those who were accusing him of being a beggar.

He decided to sing about his new life of seeking assistance on social media.

Mr Angaga defended himself saying he did not commit crime by asking for help.

“It was the criminals who stole my property who turned me into a beggar,” he said in the song.

In his song which was officially released on October 16 and posted on You Tube, Sifa said he has never been accused of stealing and no one should criticize him for seeking help.

He also criticized Luos for giving more value to a deceased person, saying the community gives more value to a dead person than those who are alive.

In the song, he said when someone dies, a lot of people will come out to support the burial expenses including buying expensive coffins.

Sifa said he has lined up other songs which will be released soon.

“One of the songs is about Mama Ida Odinga. It is half way done,” he told Nairobi News.

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