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Okiya Omtatah says Ruto conned Kenyans with ’empty promises’

By Wangu Kanuri October 27th, 2022 2 min read

Activist Okiya Omtatah has called out on President William Ruto, saying he conned Kenyans with ’empty’ promises during the campaign period.

Saying that the Head of State knew he would not keep his promises and knew Kenyans would buy his narrative, the Busia senator said, “The entire campaign was just a con game. They knew what they were saying and they knew that they could deceive Kenyans to believe in certain things that they know they do not have capacity to provide.”

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President Ruto has struggled to keep promises of lowering the cost of living, especially petrol and unga, arguing that the previous regime brought about the high cost of the two most essential items.

Additionally, while on the campaign trail in Nandi county, Ruto said that he would lower fertiliser prices to more than half, from Sh6,000 to Sh2,500.

The price is now 3500 instead of 2500.

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When launching the Kenya Kwanza manifesto, Ruto promised that through the hustler fund, the government would put Sh50 billion that he would give without interest.

However, recently, he clarified, “You are waiting for free government money… haha there is nothing like that. The interest charged will be below 10 percent.”

On the issue of the price of unga, President Ruto pledged that within 100 days after ascending office, he would lower the price, but in a fresh twist and turn of events, the Head of State said, “Those that affected the price of unga until it got to Sh230 they made the changes in 4 years. Just give me one year, and I will have lowered them back.”

Fuel prices remain high despite the price of crude oil lowering sharply in recent times. Mid this month, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority reduced the prices of petrol and kerosene by Sh1 and diesel by Sh2 per litre.

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