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Olive Restaurant now provides ‘proof’ to debunk breastfeeding mother’s claims – VIDEO

The Nairobi restaurant accused of throwing out a woman for breastfeeding her baby without covering herself has now denied the allegations just days after giving a public apology to the victim.

Olive Restaurant located along Accra Road held a press conference on Monday morning where they also released CCTV footage that captured the scene.

The two-minute clip, which does not have any audio, begins by showing the woman – dressed in a blue blouse – walking into the restaurant together with her baby. They locate a sitting area and a waitress immediately goes to her assistance.

The woman places her order is shortly brought and the waitress walks away. A few minutes after this the baby gets fussy and she proceeds to suckling it.

This is when another waiter comes back and they engage in a conversation.


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“About 25 minutes after being served and beginning eating, she begins suckling her baby. About 5 minutes into the activity a waiter gestures to her where they engage for about 30 seconds. After which there is a moment of eminent laughter and a long smile from her then she proceeds with her meal and does not leave the hotel as alleged,” said Alex Gichira part of the management team at Olive restaurant.

In addition they say that their efforts in reaching out to the victim has been futile.

“What the alleged victim shared on social media was a completely stretched version of what happened. There was no instance that she was even asked to go and breastfeed her child in the washroom.”

However, the said victim, who goes by the name Betty Kim, in a recent post shared on social media has stood by her claims.

“My stand will still be the same. Went there for lunch with my baby placed an order, started breastfeeding my baby, a waiter comes to me and told me to cover up or stop breastfeeding. I return the boob and ask her where I can do this comfortably and she told me the washroom,” she wrote.

“When the waiter who served me came I asked her why they do not allow breastfeeding in the restaurant she told me people do not like the attention,” she added.