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Millicent Omanga left in the cold after Jubilee Party tribunal rejects her appeal

Nairobi Women Representative aspirant Millicent Omanga has sought the help of her followers after the Jubilee Party tribunal dismissed her case.

Ms Omanga had accused Nairobi Woman Representative Racheal Shebesh of electoral malpractice during the party primaries.

She claimed to have obtained indisputable video evidence of Ms Shebesh rigging the nomination exercise.

She filed her evidence at the party tribunal and on Monday evening she informed her Facebook followers that her case had been thrown out. She went ahead to seek her followers’ recommendations.

“My good people, Jubilee tribunal dismissed our case… Next at the political party tribunal. I welcome any other suggestions for consideration,” she wrote.

Some of her followers said it was too late for her to consider any move towards being in the ballot in the upcoming elections while other advised her to support Shebesh and hope for a nomination to any legislative house by the party.

Here are some of the suggestions given to Omanga: