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Ombachi shares excitement after Kelly Rowland follows his recipes

By Wangu Kanuri January 14th, 2023 2 min read

Former Kenya Sevens player turned chef Dennis Ombachi has shared his excitement after Kelly Rowland, an American singer, followed his recipes. Ombachi who is dubbed the roaming chef has created a name for himself on social media following the recipes that he willingly shares with his fans.

This has gained a following on socials with his content even being viewed worldwide. Additionally, comedians have made comedy following his fast meal-prepping videos.

Such icons following me and interacting with my content gives me a petty flex,” she tweeted.

What began as a soul-searching escapade in 2021 after a long battle with bipolar, Ombachi started making delicious dishes and sharing recipes online. This has seen him be nominated as Africa’s best content creator on Tik Tok.

Also known as the Ghost Worker in the rugby sector, Ombachi was among the six Kenyans who would be awarded on Saturday following their use of the Tik Tok platform to highlight the impacts of climate change and offer solutions to the TikTok community on how they could make a positive impact in their personal capacities, in simple and fun ways.

“I have just been nominated as Africa’s best content creator on Tik Tok and the awards are on today evening, the only thing I am sure of losing is the dress code,” he tweeted ahead of the awards.

In a past interview, Ombachi revealed that he had landed several ambassadorial roles. He shared that he learned his cooking skills through the internet and had planned to retire after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics but the pandemic changed the course of his plans.

“The reason why I decided to focus seriously on cooking is that when I looked at sports it is a career with an expiry date, and that is why I have been trying to step out,” he said.

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