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Omieri, the mystical python, on public display 30 years after its death

By HILARY KIMUYU November 30th, 2017 1 min read

Omieri, a giant female python which slithered to national limelight 30 years ago, has been put on public display at the Snake Park in Nairobi.

The 15-foot long snake which weighed at least 75kg, died in 1989 while receiving treatment courtesy of the Kenya Wildlife Service after it was burnt by a bush fire.

The snake has been preserved at the National Museums of Kenya labs.

The revered python among the Luo community became a national sensation and was even debated in Parliament.


When it died, a condolence book was opened at the Kaloleni Social Hall and the Kisumu National Museum.

In Nyakach, where Omieri was found, residents considered it a good charm and constantly feed it on a rich diet of goats, chicken and ugali.

Omieri may be long dead, but it still holds legendary status among the residents of Nyakach.

Now, those who never saw it in life have a chance of seeing its preserved remains at the Snake Park in Nairobi.