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Omosh gets ‘saved’, quits alcohol

Former Tahidi High actor Omosh Kizangila, real name Joseph Kinuthia, is in fire fighting mode.

The controversial actor has denounced a video showing him drunk and staggering.

The Thespian admitted it was him in the video, but was quick to add that it was an old clip and Kenyans were judging him unfairly.

“Some of those videos are old and are just being used to escalate the issue. It is good for people to ask randomly from my neighbours. For example, that video I was coming from bash and random people recorded me,” he responded.

“I would like people to come to the ground and maybe even speak to my neighbours or even my family around,” he added.

Omosh further revealed he was a new and saved man and that people misinterpreted his recent interview on TV47.

“I am not drinking and I am well. Just that people misinterpreted the interview,” Omosh concluded.

During last week’s interview, Omosh asked Kenyans for help, just weeks after Kenyans joined hands and helped him financially.

He however claimed the cash he got did not reach Sh1 million and that some people who made financial pledges to him did not follow through, yet he had two wives and many children to feed.

Omosh says he used the money recently donated to him by Kenyans to pay off debts, “Kitu inaniwasha ni mnaniuliza mahali nilipeleka pesa. Nilikua na mashida mingi sana lakini bado mashida haziishangi. Ndo maana nilikua nakusho kama unajisikia, si ati nilikua nalazimisha.”