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On-and-off celebrity couple: Sosuun and Kenrazy’s endless relationship drama

By Sinda Matiko September 9th, 2023 2 min read

Are celebrity couple Sosuun and Kenrazy still together? Depending on who is asking, it’s hard to tell. This is because Sosunn says one thing and Kenrazy another.

When Sosuun’s video of her kissing her best female friend went viral two weeks ago, her Instagram DM was flooded with questions with many seeking to find out if she had parted ways with Kenrazy.

Feeling compelled to respond, Sosuun stated she was single.

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“Since y’all still need to conform through my dm’s I’ll say here again, I’m not in a relationship. And it stays that way for the longest because I ain’t built for the current society structure of dating. I will not give interviews on this issue because there is no day that will come that I will disrespect the father of my children. My focus now is on my record music label,” Sosuun said.

However, according to Kenrazy, their 16 years of union is still intact.

“We have been together even before the fame. For the longest time we were friends, all about vibes before we became an item. That’s why I keep saying even if something happens we part ways, something we don’t hope for, we can never not be friends. Our relationship is deeper than you can imagine,” Kenrazy said.

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Kenrazy also weighed on the 2020 situation when Sosuun publicly stated that she was walking away from the union having grown tired of frustrations from her in-laws. There were also claims that Sosuun’s family didn’t also fancy Kenrazy, something he refutes.

“Sosuun’s parents have been so loving to me, her mother and even her father who passed away this year. About my family, the issue was between her and my sister but we worked that out,” Kenrazy said.

The two have two children together, something Kenrazy says they planned and as such they aren’t planning to have a third child.

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