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One month on: Diana Chepkemoi thriving on TikTok after Saudi Arabia nightmare

Exactly one month ago, 24-year-old Diana Chepkemoi landed back in Kenya after enduring untold suffering at the hands of her employer in Saudi Arabia, where she went in June 2021 to seek greener posturers.

Prior to her return, there was public outcry after photos of her looking sickly and extremely malnourished went viral on social media. It then emerged that Diana had been detained in Saudi Arabia by her employer who had cut off all communication between Diana and her family here in Kenya.

Something was clearly wrong. Diana said her boss was mistreating her, she was ill, couldn’t access hospital and her health was quickly deteriorating.

“We tried to talk to the boss and he said Diana is yet to complete her working days as per the contract she signed and is now holding her hostage. Once you see those photos circulating online, you will agree that my sister needs all the help she can get immediately. I am scared she might not make it home alive,” her sister, Lorraine Cheptoo, said at the time.

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Eventually, thanks to sustained public pressure, the government of Kenya intervened and Diana found her way back home.

One month later, Diana is thriving. In addition to receiving a full scholarship at Meru University from where she dropped out to seek employment to help her mother, she also received accommodation and a job offer.

Today, she has regained her health and is vibrant on social media. She already has 20,000 followers on TikTok where she regularly posts inspirational videos of how God came through for her.

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In one video she dances along to Pastor Tumaini’s Umenibeba song.

“He has done me wonders and I cannot tell it all. I will live to testify of His goodness till the end of time,” she says in another post.

“Sometimes, a blessing is not just a thing that is celebrated. Sometime a blessing is really the moments of pain and turmoil because of what it will produce,” Diana says in yet another Tik Tok post.

Her Christian faith having been tested to its limits, Diana says she will forever be grateful to God for rescuing her from her harrowing experience.

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