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One orgasm a day will keep cancer away – Study

Findings of an interesting new scientific study show that regular sex can slash a man’s risk of prostate cancer by up to 20 percent.

The researchers from Harvard Medical School found that men who have regular sex are less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer compared to those who do not.

For the research, they followed 32,000 healthy men for a period of 18 years. Of the study subjects 3,839 eventually developed prostate cancer.

Men in the 40-49 years old age bracket who ejaculated 21 or more times a month reduced their cancer risk by a whopping 22 percent. This was in comparison to men who ejaculate between four and seven times a month.

These findings were found to be consistent even when the men adjusted their diets and lifestyles.

Orgasms also come with a number of added benefits like better sleep, a boost in immunity and keeping heart disease at bay.

Apparently regular orgasms flash out cancer causing chemicals in the prostate.

Another theory is that when sperm is regularly emptied to allow for new cells to grow, it stops the build up of old cells which are the ones that turn cancerous.

Interestingly, a man need not necessarily have sex to achieve these benefits. Only the orgasm is needed.

The researchers concluded that more research is needed to understand the specific changes that ejaculation makes to the prostate so that the connection between cancer and ejaculation can be better understood.