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Online excitement as Khalwale kin joins nursery school

Boniface Khalwale has excited the internet by congratulating his grand child who’s joined elementary school.

The seasoned politician has in the past excited Kenyans on social media for congratulating his children every time national exam results are announced.


Known to have many children from different mothers, the former Kakamega Senator’s consistency in posting his children’s results started in 2014 when his daughter, Linda Khalwale, was among the top candidates with 428 marks in KCPE.

In 2016, the bullfighter celebrated Engine Khalwale’s KCPE performance after he scored 400 marks.
In 2017, he congratulated his daughter Flavia and son Steve for scoring 407 and 402 marks in KCPE.

In March 2022, Khalwale congratulated his daughter Melissa Khamwenyi Khalwale who scored 402 in KCPE and in the last month KCSE results, he congratulated his daughter Flavia and son Steve for scoring an A- and C+ respectively in the exam.

However, Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have relentlessly congratulated and criticized him in equal measure following the number of children he has.

One user felt Khalwale qualifies as the head in the Ministry of Education following the passion he has for kids’ education.

Another one felt in 10 years’ time the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) should declare his family a constituency.

Another one felt that when the rest of them were instructed to multiply and fill the earth, Khalwale’s instructions were to go in factorial basis.

Another one suggested that IEBC should gazette a polling station in his homestead.

Another one felt that if all Khalwale’s children could vote, he would take the senators seat