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Online uproar over the arrest of Rwandan woman for dressing indecently

There seems to be a public uproar from netizens following the arrest of a Rwandan woman who is being charged for dressing indecently.

Liliane Mugabekazi was arrested on August 7 after she attended a concert by popular French musician Tayc eight days earlier, wearing a sheer dress. The prosecution asked the court to detain her for 30 days.

This has got netizens questioning the motive of the Rwandan government, accusing it of double standards.

Netizens shared pictures of models during the Rwandan fashion week who walked the runway in different levels of nudity.

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“Yap! We really do need to make up our minds. I laugh each time Africans who walked around butt naked (some still do) claim the west is to blame for people’s choice to strip down. I mean, the west is literally the reason most of Africa clothed up. Us guys were naked in peace,” @CarolAriba tweeted.

“We need a strong hashtag to stand with Liliane,” @TheodrineT said.

“Correcting? Who did she wrong? They need to stop this misogynistic narrative! Crush patriarchy there is no crime here! Just entitled misled adults,” @lamnjoki wrote.

“What is happening in Rwanda? I thought women had resoundingly said “My dress my choice” Which government still regulate dress code?” @Koech_E asked.

“What is happening to Mugabekazi Lilliane is extremely unfair ,Rwanda needs to quit being performative and actually be the Women’s rights ‘ supporter’ that it claims to be,” @portia_uwera.

“Mugabekazi Lilliane, let me know if you need more lawyers I got you,” @Davisthedoc said.

In recent years many Rwandans have fallen foul of the country’s strict indecency laws.

In March, police arrested a 20-year-old woman for “public drunkenness and indecent assault” after a video of her lying on the ground in an alcoholic stupor circulated on social media.