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Oomy Dimpoz explains why he won’t help his poor biological father

By Winnie Mabel September 15th, 2022 3 min read

For days now, Tanzanians have been treated to drama as media and bloggers shone a light on the languishing state of the biological father to Wasafi Records’ Oomy Dimpoz.

Mzee Nyembo spoke to media houses and revealed that he was the acclaimed singer’s father despite Dimpoz not recognizing him as his biological father.

This drama has been used by Clouds TV to promote events as well, forcing Dimpoz to address the matter in a video he posted to social media on September 14, 2022- two days after his birthday.

Dimpoz began by revealing that he was born out of an affair between his father and his mother.

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His mother died while he was in primary school and his father never came out to look for him, take care of him or even be with him at that difficult time.

“Beyond loving a child, there is nothing greater a parent can do for a child. In my life, this is the only thing I lacked. I was raised in a single-parent home by my mother and she sadly passed on while I was in primary school.

I never saw my father and he never condoled me. He ran away from all his responsibilities but God knows why me, the child who was not valued, became someone,” said Dimpoz.

He went on to reveal that he last met his father over 20 years ago and at that time, Mzee Nyembo told him that he had 15 other children to take care of, and not him because he was born out of wedlock. The old man also drives a Bajaj tuktuk for his taxi business.

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“Now he wants to be recognized as Ommy Dimpoz’ father. He doesn’t want to hear anything else. People should know one thing. I have never in my life had any relationship with my father. He has neither raised, educated nor done anything for me. I have nothing that I can say I was given by my father.

In our last meeting, I tried investigating him to know what kind of a person he is and he told me he had 14 children and another one out of wedlock as well that he had never seen.

I asked him if he had ever looked for this child and he wondered why he should go looking for his own kid. He said that the child would look for him once he grew up.

The same story relates with me because I also went looking for him and I realized that was his life, his choices,” added Dimpoz.

Dimpoz wondered why his father failed to come and bury his mother and be with him but now because he was well off and known, he now wanted to be recognized as his father and not the father to his other children.

He claimed the old man went seeking for media attention too in order to speak of his poor lifestyle compared to his renowned son, Dimpoz.

He categorically said he knew what media houses were up to using his name and this drama, saying they were tarnishing his name unnecessarily to make money.

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He called on Clouds TV to use their platform in educating parents to not abandon their children because no one knows who a child will grow up to become.

“I thank God for how my life is ongoing. My religion has also already shown me that a child born out of wedlock is not a legitimate child. I know I will never inherit from my father and he can’t inherit from me. I know that in my head.

I struggled all on my own to this point. If he is lamenting that he is living a poor life now, that life I also went through.

My mother and I also have this kind of story. I wasn’t born into wealth. I will only enjoy life with those who stood with me during my troubles. Not with my father,” continued Dimpoz.

He said they will never be close because he has no love for his old man. Many people called on Dimpoz to forgive his father and upgrade his life but Dimpoz would hear none of it.

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