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OPINION: Karen Nyamu: Courageous or desperate?

You have to give it up for Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu for having the stones to endure the insults, trolling, and hate she continuously gets for aggrieving Edday Nderitu, the wife of her married boyfriend, vernacular singer Samidoh.

They say women are the weaker sex but I’m of the opinion that Ms Nyamu has some Y chromosomes hidden somewhere within her body and soul to boldly continue claiming a man who took his marriage vows with another woman. These chromosomes appear to have blocked her shame genes because she has been marking her territory for years now in a relationship that has brought her nothing but shame, ridicule, scorn, and two children born in a span of 16 months.

Her marking her territory in a space not meant for her reeks of pure desperation. A woman who has accepted that there is no man fated for her and so will share the one available to her in their on-off again affair. She has been publicly marking Samidoh as her man, and clapping back at people calling her out for her shamelessness. Nairobi News serves below the ways in which she has been going about adding her feet into a dhow meant for two:

  1. Changing her Instagram profile picture to one of her and Samidoh- Previously, her profile picture was of her. Now, it is a photo of her, Samidoh and one of their toddlers. Uploading this picture was her signal that she was not going anywhere despite being an asunder in the 15 year old marriage. I bet her thoughts were that if he wasn’t going to publicly claim her in an irrefutable way, she would do it for him.
  2. Wearing his clothes in and out of Kenya- Women love wearing their men’s clothes. It gives them that warm, cuddly feeling of love, of having his scent on them and looking cute if his clothes are bigger sizes on them. Karen has made sure to often be spotted in Samidoh’s clothes even when she followed him to America while he was on tour. She has been spotted wearing his caps, hats, hoodies and even same shoes at some point. Get this, she even wore a black I love New York hoodie that both Samidoh and his wife were also spotted in. Sema kuforce?
  3. Publicly singing his songs- I have never heard her sing but I bet if she could, we wouldn’t be able to have a moment’s silence. And so, to mark her territory as Samidoh’s woman, she has been publicly singing his songs just as she did at Akothee’s wedding before gifting them a bedroom gift.
  4. Attending public gatherings and introducing him- She has been introducing Samidoh at public gatherings they attend together. Short of calling each other husband, wife, clande, mama watoto, bae and so forth, the two have been skirting around an official terms for whatever form their relationship takes. They have been appearing at several public functions- mostly funerals- together and making sure to have photos taken of them looking charming and affectionate.

And so, my question remains, for how long will Ms Honorable Politician mark her territory when there are no rumors, smoke or even drizzles of plans to have dowry taken to her home? (Because we know it will be breaking news in Kenya) How long does she intend to compete with a GOAT wife- who keeps winning by the way in regards to how she carries herself amid all this drama especially caused by Nyamu- who is ready to ditch the man and leave him to his devices?

How long does she intend to hold on to sloppy seconds in the name of marking her territory? In the name of ‘huyu ndio baba watoto’? She told the guests at Akothee’s wedding that she is rarely invited to social events because of her reputation….hmm, we wonder why!

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