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Opinion: Senator Karen Nyamu is a big embarrassment to all mistresses

Infidelity is not new. In fact, it is a tale as old as time. The only new thing is that you might be the latest mistress in the world, or your country for that matter.

Many of you readers will attest to knowing of or hearing about an older married couple whose marital issues never became public knowledge. However, upon one’s death – this mostly happens to men – you will hear of or see one or two women emerging as second and third wives with several children in tow.

You may attest to being shocked that “kumbe alikwa hivyo pia?” because you never heard of marital issues, never saw his family struggling and he was always home. So when did he collect other families?

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Of course he had the time. Men are known to go out of their way to do the things they really want to do, however cunning and evil they may have to become. And if he wanted another woman, his GOAT wife wouldn’t easily find out despite a day of reckoning looming in the distance.

Past generation mistresses – and some current wise ones – knew to keep their distance from the GOAT wife and her children, keep their mouth shut from telling the world of their illicit relationships and from badmouthing the first wife, knew to stay sweet and calm if they wanted to continue being in and enjoying the relationship with their married boyfriends.

Readers, you may attest that for such mistresses, they knew the soft life. Their children did not lack in love and affection, went to good schools and their refrigerators never lacked food.

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For some of these mistresses, the relationship may have started out as uncontrollable infatuations, became love, turned into economic dependence to finally having mutual understanding of each other but there was an unspoken rule: respect the GOAT wife.

They were not to pry into the marriage, not gossip about the GOAT wife and especially not talk about her to children they had with their married boyfriends. Quite often, these relationships would last for years- that is until they opened their mouths and began competing with the GOAT wife!

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu, this one is for you. You are an embarrassment to everyone who is a mistress or a mister to a married person. You quickly forgot your place just because you are a famous politician with the mouth and money to match.

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While most mistresses end up being dependent on their partners economically, you don’t need Samidoh’s money. You’re richer than him and for all we know; he could be a past time for you. Children just happened to have entered the equation. How you speak and carry yourself appears to show you have superiority and seniority in your relationship with Samidoh; and make all the major decisions.

This would explain his lack of know-how to control the outbursts and fights between yourself and his wife, Edday Nderitu. It would also explain why he quickly turns to Edday, a more submissive woman, when your drama gets out of hand.

For this relationship dynamic, you have subjected yourself, Samidoh and Edday to unrelenting public ridicule and scorn over your behavior of being reckless, vulgar and competitive with Edday. Their marriage spans 15 years and your on-off affair lasted three years; on which leg do you stand on to begin fighting the GOAT wife?

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Why can’t you silently eat your sloppy seconds in peace and give Edday the respect she deserves? Do you pride yourself in being the other woman? Have you no pride to want a man of your own? What if you got married and found yourself in Edday’s shoes, what then?

Dear Karen Nyamu, have you read up on how life turned out for Monica Lewinsky after the White House scandal? That is where you are headed if you don’t take a step back and re-evaluate. Bill Clinton ended up choosing his wife and children- and he was forgiven and never looked back; and Samidoh already showed you who he will always pick and defend following your humiliating drama in Dubai.

Had you been the silent and sweet mistress, your name wouldn’t be infamous and synonymous to marital affairs, you would have been known for great policies for Kenyans. You would be lauded and celebrated instead of being ridiculed for being an emotional, immoral woman whose political nomination was wasted on her.

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And even if nothing daunts you, a day is coming when your children will read and watch how they came into existence. You will have some rather uncomfortable questions to answer, you will have some disturbed children to mentally care for when they join higher education institutions and people realize whose children they are.

See, Edday’s children have ‘legitimacy’, yours don’t and by you lacking the demeanor expected of mistresses, your children will pay for your overzealous behavior over a married man to whom you are nothing but an option. You should have stayed in your hidden lane to protect your children because they will now be negatively perceived by their peers as they age.

Your first lesson as you were being introduced to Samidoh should have been that mistresses who go public only end up becoming public jokes; and anyone cheering you on is probably in the same boat as you, justifying their being mistresses or lack basic societal and Godly morals.

Otherwise, karma is a big, fat B. Take care. Bye.