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Thirsty men up in arms after judge sends ‘hottie’ Ruth Kamande to the gallows

‎When the beautiful but deadly Ruth Kamande was sentenced to death on Thursday for stabbing and killing her lover back in 2015, Kenyans flocked social media to express their opinion on the penalty.

Many of those who protested the judgment by Lady Justice Jessie Lessit were ‘thirsty’ men who only saw Ruth as a beauty queen and not a cold-hearted killer.

On Twitter, Martin Ono said: “What a waste of resources! ”

Eddie ranted: “All this beauty will be wasted in prison. She will spend the rest of her life in Lang’ata. Mafisi are not happy.”

@MarisaLav quipped: “I always sweat whenever I see her picture yet I’m a straight girl. Poor men!”

@KevLing added: “I wish to offer free services for conjugal visits. Someone get me her lawyer’s number.”


Facebook user Malujembe Wa Hellenah‎ posted on a popular group that, “In Kenya we set our priorities wrong. This princess should be let loose to go and reproduce. It’s bad to let her yummy ovaries go stale in prison while the looters of poor people’s money are roaming free. Let me go and loot NYS or kidnap the looters and demand a ransom, then spend that money on her appeal. The looters who include businessmen and high ranking politicians are committing worse atrocities than she did. She killed one person, they are committing mass genocide when they loot NYS, hospital funds, schools, NHIF, KKV, awarding themselves hefty perks while mwananchi wallow in poverty, take luxury trips to watch soccer overseas while our streets are full of chokoras etc, etc etc. Yet they demand to be called waheshimiwa. We know better! We demand lighter sentence for Ruth Kamande.”

The tirade sparked comments from those who support and those against the death penalty imposed on Miss Langa’ta Women’s Prison 2016.

“What about that cute boy… Who gave him a chance to reproduce and loot from world bank…´ Lorna Orina asked of Farid Mohamed, Ms Kamande’s slain boyfriend.

“The genes she’s carrying is harmful to the society…” Sharon Sha responded to the post.


Ciru Hussein also commented, “She still took someone’s life…a crime of passion but stabbing 22 times! Gosh ata mara ya kwanza na ya pili si angeachia hapo jamani… She just kept at it! She must be one bitter woman…she can’t control her anger and jealousy…she can easily kill again if let out…not all that glitters is gold!”

“Unalinganisha muuaji na looter ? Afathali wakina ngirita they create jobs for the unemployed youths with their business. This one robbed some people of a son, bro nephew,uncle grandson puh…” Msichana Mpole Sana gave her opinion.

“What about justice to the family of the man she allegedly murdered? What is the purpose of justice (1.) correct the offender (2.) discourage others (3.) compensation to the offended party (4.) create harmony in the society,” Duncan Songe explained.

Others supported the posters thoughts and viewpoint.

James Chomba Black Gypsy pointed out that, “Gender prejudice is real, wouldn’t 95 per cent of you be saying good riddance if it was a man who committed the crime? Most of you probably be saying that monster should rot in jail.”

“The question is wat caused this …it is a result of mistreatment,anger,pain cheating plus we react differently ikifika kwa relationship. If u really are into it.its not like am OK with wat she did but I really feel she felt the need to communicate but ni vile it was not the right way…not all of us can walk away,” Nancie Wambui explained and defended Ms Kamande.