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Shebesh: My opponents are plotting to kill me – VIDEO

Nairobi woman representative Rachel Shebesh has accused one of her opponents of plotting to kill her if she wins the Jubilee Party nominations.

Shebesh said she had information on where her opponent met to hatch the plot and declared that if she wins she will do so in a coffin.

“Yesterday my opponents declared that should I win the nominations, I will be in a coffin. I don’t know where all this hatred comes from. Why can’t they just ask for votes from the voters? I keep telling them to seek votes without involving Shebesh. Shebesh has her own votes which they can’t get,” she told journalists shortly after voting.

Shebesh however said she has enough security including her husband who had accompanied her to the polling station.


“I know where they met and I’m daring them to make good that declaration that I will only win the nominations in a coffin. I will win through God’s grace,” she said.

The woman representative rubbished her opponents’ campaigns saying all they have done is discredit her and have not stated what they will do for the people of Nairobi.

She added that some opponents were dragging ODM supporters to the Jubilee Party primaries stating that the security officers were on high alert to ensure only party members get to vote.

“We won’t allow ODM to elect a candidate for us (Jubilee) because that candidate won’t transfer his votes to President Uhuru Kenyatta,” she said.