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Orange employee busted after sending flirtatious texts to customer

Orange Kenya has been forced to apologise to a customer after one of their employee breached the privacy code by taking a customer’s number from their registry and started sending her flirtatious text messages.

A customer who goes by the name Laura Lolo on her Twitter handle was not pleased when she got a text in the middle of the night from an orange employee asking her out.

In a thread of WhatsApp messages, the male employee evidently attempts to hit on the female customer by introducing himself, complete with a photo of himself, and asks the customer if they could get to know each other better.

But the clearly annoyed customer tells off the Orange employee and threatens to report the matter to his employer.

Orange Kenya was compelled to apologise and promised to follow the matter up with their employee after the customer uploads a screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation on Twitter.

According to Kenyan laws, Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) Act 2009 consumer protection regulation states that, personal privacy and protection against unauthorised use of personal information will be protected.