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Oscar Sudi embarrasses Ruto by sharing poll showing Raila winning by big margin

Kapseret Member of Parliament, Oscar Sudi, has made an embarrassing mistake of sharing an online opinion poll showing his boss Deputy President William Ruto losing to his main competitor Raila Odinga with a huge margin.

The poll, which at had at one point attracted more than 50,000 participants, showed Mr Odinga commanding a lead of more than 50 per cent with Ruto way behind at below 40 per cent.

“It’s 3 days to election. Let’s vote,” Sudi, an ardent supporter of Ruto, said in tweet that showed the poll.

Someone must have alerted the vocal MP of his big time goof and he later deleted the tweet.

But by that time he had become the butt of online jokes with Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) trolling him mercilessly for his embarrassing mistake.