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Siasa za Kisii? Silvanus Osoro hits back at Simba Arati after funeral scuffle

South Mugirango lawmaker Silvanus Osoro has refuted claims made by a section of kisii leaders who referred to him as a goon and bully.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Mr Osoro stressed that his differences with Kisii governor Simba Arati emanated from a protocol hitch during a recent funeral ceremony, and nothing more.

The lawmaker challenged the county boss and his supporters to prioritize development and service delivery to residents insteading of whinning and name calling via the media.

Mr. Osoro asserted that he is not involved in any games played by the county boss and emphasized his active participation in national politics.

He accused the Governor of habitually blaming leaders for his own failures.

Furthermore, the youthful questioned the legitimacy of the allegations, asking whether the leaders had filed reports with the police.

He expressed confusion over the complainant’s identity, noting that individuals who attended the press conference had interrupted their trip from Tanzania specifically to address him.

“This situation arose solely due to a protocol hitch, and it holds no further significance. Instead of addressing development issues, what did the governor want me to do? Give him biscuits?, the Governor(Simba Arati) and his team seem to be evading responsibility for their lack of progress and consistently searching for someone to blame. I want to make it clear that I am not involved in any political maneuvers orchestrated by the Governor. My focus lies in national politics,” Said Mr Osoro

“Furthermore, I question whether the leaders have officially reported their concerns to the police. I fail to understand the basis on which they seek my arrest. It is noteworthy that the individuals who attended the press conference were originally in Tanzania but abruptly returned to address the allegations against me. In light of this, I am left wondering about the identity of the complainant.,” added Mr Osoro.

Mr Osoro and Mr Arati and their supporters were recently involved in a scuffle at a funeral in Kisii over whom between them should first address the mourners.

This led to leaders from the area addressing the media in Nairobi from where they asked the police to investigate the matter, while vowing unspecified action against Mr Osoro, a close ally of President Ruto.

This is the second time in as many years the two leaders are causing havoc at a funeral. The other scuffle happened in the presence of President William Ruto, who was serving as the Deputy President at the time.

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