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Otile Brown links loss of unborn son to online haters

Tragic news struck the life of renowned R&B singer Otile Brown as he took to Instagram on the 2nd of July, 2023, to announce the heartbreaking loss of his unborn baby.

Despite the immense pain and sorrow he experienced, the popular singer expressed expressed his determination not to succumb to negativity and to find strength in the face of adversity.

In a candid and emotional post, the Regina hitmaker shared the heart-wrenching revelation of losing his unborn son.

“It was a boy… Dah, it’s all good,” Otile Brown revealed, indicating his acceptance of the situation and his resolve to move forward.

Reflecting on his initial feelings towards social media, Otile Brown admitted that he harboured some animosity towards it, believing that negative energy from the platform played a role in his loss.

He acknowledged that despite not often sharing much of his personal life on social media, he made an exception this time, feeling a sense of excitement and wanting to share his happiness.

However, his heart warned him against it, leaving him feeling guilty for succumbing to the temptation.

“But again, I was like, nah, I can’t give these low vibrations that much power. It’s either our fault, God’s plan, or natural causes… you can’t fit with me on God,” Otile Brown emphasized, expressing his unwavering faith and belief in God.

While grappling with the immense sadness that accompanied the loss, Otile Brown acknowledged that this heartbreaking experience had changed him.

The lessons learned from such a profound loss will undoubtedly shape his perspective on life and further strengthen his character.

Otile Brown wondered what life would be like moving forward.

Addressing the month of July, he sought to uncover what destiny had in store for him as an Aries born in March.

Despite feeling down and being out of the country for some time, Otile Brown humorously noted that he grieves in his own unique way.

“July, what do you have in store for March Aries… learned we are the most favored this month. I be feeling down been out of the country ever since fkn my credit card up, punishing myself. I grieve differently Lol,” Otile Brown shared, revealing a glimpse into his current state of mind.

Otile has since deleted all his posts on his Instagram page leaving his fans eager to know what his plans are.

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