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Otile Brown parts ways with longtime manager Noriega

Singer Otile Brown has announced that he has parted company with his long-time manager, Donself Noriega aka Joseph, bringing their six-year collaboration to a bittersweet end.

The separation marks not only the end of a fruitful professional partnership but also the end of a deeply personal relationship that has been instrumental in Otile’s rise to stardom.

Otile Brown and Joseph Noriega’s journey together has been one of triumph, shared experiences and unwavering support.

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Their bond went beyond the confines of a typical artist/manager relationship and developed into a true friendship that has stood the test of time.

It is undeniable that Joseph Noriega’s unwavering dedication and astute guidance have played a pivotal role in shaping Otile Brown’s unprecedented success in the music industry.

Under Noriega’s watchful eye, Otile has blossomed into one of the most prominent figures in Kenyan music.

In a heartfelt letter addressed to the public, Otile expressed his deepest feelings and bared his soul, sharing his thoughts on the conclusion of this remarkable chapter in his life.

“After an incredible six-year journey, Otile Brown bids farewell to his manager Joseph Noriega, marking the end of a remarkable era of collaboration and success,” the letter began.

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Otile Brown went on to express his deep gratitude for Noriega’s invaluable contributions, saying: “Working with Noriega has been an incredible experience. His passion and support have shaped me as an artist. I will cherish our partnership forever.

Otile Brown’s rise to prominence is a testament to Joseph Noriega’s profound influence.

Otile Brown remains committed to his musical journey, fuelling it with the same passion and dedication that has become his trademark.

For his part, Noriega said:

“Thankful for the journey, the memories and the success all together……God bless @otilebrown Keep soaring.”

Noriega said he met Otile Brown during a short trip to Nairobi on a business trip.

“Otile and I met in 2018, he’s been more than a partner and brother to me since we met, it was ordained by God,” he said in an earlier Q&A on Instagram.

Noriega Donself came into the limelight in 2018 after signing a deal to manage Otile Brown.

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