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Otile Brown shares his excitement as he welcomes parenthood

Renowned Kenyan music sensation, Jacob Obunga, popularly known as Otile Brown, surprised fans on Saturday with a heartfelt announcement that he is soon to become a parent. Taking to his Insta-stories, the 30-year-old singer expressed his excitement and pledged to shower his child with boundless love.

“Bizeee will soon be a pope, Inshallah… I will love you so much, baby #Inshaallah,” Otile Brown revealed via Instagram.

While the talented musician shared his joyous news, he kept the details of the co-parent and the baby’s gender under wraps, leaving fans curious and eagerly awaiting further updates.

Otile Brown has been notably discreet about his romantic relationships since his separation from Ethiopian beauty Nabayet, also known as Nabbi, in early 2022. Their relationship remained a subject of interest among fans until they were spotted together in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in January 2023, igniting rumors of a possible reconciliation.

The singer confirmed their split in January 2022, revealing that they had decided to part ways due to the challenges posed by their respective careers and the geographical distance that strained their relationship.

In a public statement on his Instagram page, Otile Brown disclosed, “Me and Nabbi are not together anymore… The last time we were together was to try to find a way to move forward, but we decided to go our separate ways, unfortunately.”

Otile’s previous high-profile relationship with Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika ended in 2018, and during that time, rumors circulated that the artist had allegedly impregnated her. However, Vera Sidika has consistently denied these claims and vehemently stated that she has never undergone an abortion.

Responding to a fan’s inquiry about the alleged pregnancy termination, Vera Sidika clarified her stance: “How can you have an abortion that never existed? Honestly, I can’t do this business. I love children so much. I can have 10 if I could.”