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Otile Brown shows off his young replacement for socialite Vera Sidika – VIDEO

Singer Otile Brown has found new love after his ugly breakup with socialite Vera Sidika and says he is finally ready to settle down.

Otile introduced the new woman in his life in a video he posted on Instagram that captured them in a loving embrace.

The girl identifies herself as Nabayet on Instagram.

The ‘Samantha’ hit maker went ahead to shower her with praises, saying she is his soulmate.

In addition, he claimed that he was now done being a player and is ready to settle down and live a peaceful life.

“Yani wewe na uhuni na ujanja wako wote lazima utakutana na kiboko yako atakaye kutuliza.. Wifi yenu @nabbi__ wewe kiboko.. tell e’m am done done Nimewala sana sai nimetulia staki mbwembwe,” wrote Otile Brown.

Otile has been laying low since breaking up with socialite Vera Sidika last year. The two ended their love affair in an ugly public spat that saw them air their dirty laundry to fans.

Vera blamed Otile’s poor sex game and constant requests for money, saying it turned her off to date a man who was always begging for money.

Otile in his defense said he was the one supporting Vera financially. He went on to buy himself a sleek car to dispel rumours on his financial status.

Will his new found last, well only time would tell.