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Otile Brown’s YouTube ‘curse’

Kenyan RnB singer Otile Brown has again had one of his songs pulled down from YouTube.

The song titled Celebration was released barely a week ago has reportedly been pulled down due to copyright issues.

This is not the first time the popular musician’s songs have been struck off the social media platform for various reasons.

The Dundaying hit maker decried the growing number of alleged copyright claims from people he said were just clout chasers.

Late last year his hit songs including Dusuma featuring Meddy, Chaguo La Moyo and Aiyana featuring Sanaipei Tande, Such Kinda Love featuring Jovial, and Hi were all pulled down.

By the time the songs were being pulled down, Dusuma ft Meddy had over 32 million views, followed closely by Chaguo la Moyo had over 28 million views.

Such Kinda Love featuring Jovial had managed to hit over 10 million within 3 months of being released.

Otile Brown born Jacob Obunga claimed someone was deleting his songs but failed to mention who.

“What don’t you all get… some people are deleting our Videos/songs on YouTube…is everything Kiki to you all,” he ranted.

Additionally, Otile Brown has found himself on a tight spot after yet another of his hit song Fight, a song he collaborated with Kenyan rapper King Kaka was stricken off YouTube for copyright infringement.