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Our hero! City man saves drowning baby as guardian took selfies

By Winnie Mabel January 19th, 2023 2 min read

A Kenyan man by the name of Michel Libamira received blessings and praise from his friends after he narrated how he saved a two-year-old child who was drowning in a pool as his guardian took selfies with four others near the same pool.

In his narration, Mr Libamira said that he had, by chance, decided to take a dip in the pool because the hot January sun in Kikambala, Kilifi County, had been too hot to bear.

Read his gut-wrenching narration below:

“SAVED FROM DROWNING. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. Everything in life happens for a reason. Today, I’m a living testimony. I recently temporarily moved to Kikambala, Kilifi County (25km from Mombasa) to try my hand at the holiday homes business.

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I love the Kenyan coast and so, my dream has always been to own a beach home. Tutafika siku moja (We will get there one day). I haven’t bought a gas cylinder yet. So I went to Sophie’s Kibandaski (local restaurant) today to have some rice and karanga (meat with stew).

January sun is still as hot as December. So, on my way back to my newly established Beach Airbnb (but do I say), I decided to take a dip to cool off.

I swam for about an hour as I observed a Somali family (5 young girls) enjoy the water with 2 small babies. Let me tell you, Maina… I turned to look at the kids who were in the baby pool. I could only see one.  The youngest was nowhere to be seen, and I did not see the mum removing him from the water. On looking closer, One of the kids was pointing towards the water, trying to signal the older ladies to look at his brother.

They were busy taking selfies, oblivious to what was happening around them. They thought he was playing. I tip-toed while inside the main swimming pool and saw the boy’s face underwater!!! He was trying to get up, but his little feet were dangling over the water. My heart stopped. I dropped my phone. I jumped out of the main pool and rushed to the baby pool.

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The girls saw me running and froze. Something was wrong. They could feel it. None of them moved. They were 2 meters from the baby pool. It was silent. Pin drop silence as I picked up the boy. His eyes were closed. His mouth closed.

“Oh God. Please. Oh God. No!!! Please!!!!”

I whispered a prayer to hold back my tears and show some courage. He was not moving. 5 seconds passed. He opened his eyes. Then opened his mouth. I sighed with relief.

“Thank you God!!! Thank you God!!!!!” I whispered in my heart.

I held him on my shoulders for a minute. I could feel his tiny heartbeat. You are okay now, I whispered in his tiny ears. God saved the little boy, today. To God be the glory. I’m holding back my tears as everything is still as fresh as it happened 4 hours ago.

To the boy, may you grow up to be a successful man? May you make an impact in this world. May we meet up one day and thank God for saving your soul. In Jesus’ name, Amen,” narrated Mr. Libamira on January 18, 2023.

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