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Our struggle cannot be against technology! MP Ichung’wah defends TikTok

The proposed ban on TikTok in Kenya has ignited a heated exchange of perspectives among parliamentarians.

The petition was announced by Speaker Wetangula on Tuesday, August 15, 2023, alleging that TikTok is a platform that promotes immorality and violence among young people.

“I have a petition regarding the banning of TikTok in Kenya. Article 119 of the Constitution accords any person the right to petition the Parliament to consider any matter within its authority,” he said.

Voices on both sides of the aisle weighed in on the potential implications of such a move.

A petitioner moved the motion, Bob Ndolo, who wants the video-sharing app banned for some of its inappropriate content.

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Among those expressing their viewpoints was Majority Leader and Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah.

Despite admitting to having the TikTok app on his own phone, Ichung’wah suggested a nuanced approach to handling the platform’s content.

He remarked, “There is nothing criminal or evil about being on TikTok. While I understand Ndolo’s concerns, it is possible that these apps can be misused. However, as a legislative body, we should not advocate for an outright ban on any app. Our struggle cannot be against technology itself . A ban would inadvertently stifle budding careers.”

“In fact, around the country, it is part of government efforts to establish studios where young men back in our villages can have studios where they can create for the use of TikTok, WhatsApp, and all these apps,” MP Ichung’wah added.

Echoing a similar sentiment, Minority Leader and Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi emphasized the importance of embracing the digital age without resorting to isolationist measures.

He advocated for the regulation of TikTok, acknowledging its role as a revenue source for the government.

“In today’s digital landscape, it would be unwise for our nation to cut ties with technological advancements. Contemplating a ban on any app would be shortsighted,” Wandayi said.

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