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Don’t be deceived by its ‘beauty’, Outer Ring road could be a disaster in waiting

In June 2018, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) ranked Nairobi’s Outer Ring Road as the most dangerous highway in the city.

Three months down the line, there are little indications that this statistic is about to change with matatu drivers, in particular, using this newly-constructed road very dangerously.

This past week, a survey by Nairobi News uncovered how several public transport vehicles which ply this route fault traffic rules with impunity.

The 2km stretch between the demolished Airgate Center roundabout – previously known as Taj Mall – and Fedha estate is the worst section.

Here, matatu drivers are notorious for blocking the road while picking and dropping off passengers.

An aerial view of Nairobi’s Outer Ring road near the demolished Airgate Center. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE


The inevitable result is endless traffic snarl up along the road with traffic police officers either helpless or downright unbothered by the plight of motorists.

Worse, the road has no designated pick off or dropping zones for passengers, leaving numerous pedestrians on harm’s way.

Between January and May, NTSA statistics indicated the road had been a scene of 23 deaths. These numbers are highest on any road in Nairobi.

The 13km stretch road was upgraded by China Wu Yi Company at a cost of Sh8.4 billion.

It has been hailed as Kenya’s most beautiful road. But therein lurks great danger to road users.