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Outering Road now presents new nightmare to Eastlands residents

Just when residents of Nairobi’s Pipeline and Fedha estates thought they were done with jumping over trenches along the newly constructed Outering road, another challenge has presented itself.

The road acts as a boundary between Embakasi East and Embakasi South, with traffic coming from the town being on the side of former and traffic going to town on the latter.

Between the two roads a long stretch of a deep trench had been dug out with small concrete bridges built at intervals along the road to enable pedestrians cross.


However, these concrete bridges have since been removed and replaced with makeshift wooden bridges.

Residence now have to jump road barriers and walk on these wobbly and insecure wooden bridges.

Nairobi News has learnt that the construction is to create water drainage all the way from Donholm to where the former Taj Mall used to be.

Pedestrian walk along a deep trench on a section of Outering Road. PHOTO | COURTESY
Pedestrian walk along a deep trench on a section of Outering Road. PHOTO | SYLVANIA AMBANI

“This has now become a nightmare, I have lived in Pipeline since they started construction of the road and when we thought they are done they just keep on digging. Right now when I leave for work in the morning I have to jump the road barrier and walk on a wooden bridge which is not secure,” said Jane Kilingi.


Andrew Mogaka, a motorist, says the road has also been poorly designed since there are no exits and for motorists like him who live in Fedha, meaning that they have to go all the way to Donholm to find the next exit.

“I work along Mombasa Road and I use the road to get back home, which usually leads me towards the former Taj Mall through Outering Road. I have to pass Pipeline, my estate Fedha, Tassia, Quarry then proceed to the road that connects Jogoo road to Donholm,” he said.

The also still doesn’t have any footbridges or official bus stops.