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Outlets fined for selling bad diesel, petrol

By ALLAN OLINGO February 28th, 2014 1 min read

The energy regulatory agency has reigned in on petrol stations found to be selling adulterated fuel or that meant for export.

Oil Com Thika Road Petrol Station in Roysambu, Shell Bidii service station in Eastleigh, Hass Eastleigh Service Station and Mamba Service Station in Industrial Area were some of the outlets punished  for flouting Section 95 of the Energy Act that prohibits storage, transportation or sale of petroleum products that do not conform to the standards set.

Mamba petrol station was found to be selling petrol contaminated with illuminated kerosene. The station was closed for six days and only reopened after it paid a fine of Sh500,000 to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

Hass Eastleigh was selling diesel contaminated with kerosene and was closed for 20 days. It reopened after paying a Sh1 million fine.

Shell Bidii Station was also found to be selling adulterated diesel and also closed for 20 days. It reopened after paying Sh1.7 million. Oil com was selling diesel mixed with kerosene and was closed for 10 days but reopened after paying a fine of Sh1.7 million.

Monitoring was conducted between October 2013 and January 2014 in all petrol stations in Nairobi by officials from the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), KRA, Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) and other government agencies to enforce compliance with provisions of the Act.