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Outrage after MPs debated lack of toilet paper in Parliament

Kenyans have advised legislators to carry their own toilet paper to parliament if disgusted by the lack of the vital paper in their office toilets.

MPs had on Wednesday, during a motion to appoint members into the Services and Facilities Committee, taken considerable time to express concerns over lack of toilet paper and water in their loos.

Jared Caleb commented on Nairobi News; “After been paid their hefty salaries…where money come from to buy their tp. Let them buy such small items for themselves.”

Peter Githogori added; “They can use pumpkin leaves instead, why wastage of our resources.”

Jayesh Vallabhdas Ratangaria wrote; “Last week the parliament was adjourned because there was no agendas to discuss. Now this week we are discussing toilet paper!! Surely God help Kenya.”

Lewy Munene added; “This guy’s debating Toilet papers yet their constituents have no access to clean water and other amenities. Some of Our legislators are greedy if not stupid.”

Mary Gichuki commented; “You opened parliament the other day n now this? A time is coming when Kenyans regardless of their political inclination will stand together n say no to this sort of nonsense from ‘honourable’ members.”

Eli Ngoya added; “Shame…. wasting time. They should find something else to do. Parliament is not a house of discussing toilet issued. If the big venues don’t have toilet papers they can visit City Council toilets they will be given.”

Mimoo Ngetich suggested; “Heheee who can give me a tender I can supply old used magazines for them kitu ya 30 shillings mtu anatangaza the whole world ata matawi naweza supply pia.”

James Mathenge added; “In fact they should replace toilet papers with leaves in all restrooms inside the parliament.”

Hussein Adan wrote; “With all those allowancez & down-payments, si you use your money to buy toilet papers na hizo chakula mnazidharau…silly tumbocrats.”