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Outrage after Nyandarua First Lady donates oversize underwears to schoolboys

Nyandarua First Lady Anne Kimemia was the butt of ridicule on social media after a photo of her underwear donation to primary school pupils was shared online.

Kenyans online inquired why the First Lady made the schoolboys to hold the donated underwear and pose for photos after the donation.

The First Lady, who stood on the third row in the photo, was roundly accused of humiliating needy children.

In the photos, the boys look elated as they receive the donation of oversize underwears from Mrs Kimemia. She meticulously removes one underwear at a time from a packet and hands it over to each of the boys.

The boys are then paraded for a group photo in which they lift the underwear over their heads.


Kenyans online where aghast at the parading of the boys with the underwears.

Henry Apwoyo wrote; “Nyandarua’s First Lady, the thunder that will strike you is still doing press ups in hell. Most of these parachutes cannot even fit me, how will they fit those kids?”

Anthony Mburu added; “She doesn’t have even an iota of respect and dignity towards these “poor” kids.”

Mark Ndiwa commented; “Nilazima watu wa media waje? If you want to bless someone, do it from your heart and God will bless you.”

Suzanne Wachira wrote; “Really now! And she feels as though that’s a very big achievement. ???????.”

Wambui Virginia commented; “‘Thuruari ta ici mwacionire kuu??’ ???just singing.”

M’tua Ste added; “Oh my…Hizo ni za baba zao…too big yawa.”

Juliet Kabui Ngari wondered; “Kwani alisikia wazazi hawana underwear akasema easy way kuwapatia is through the kid?”


Khaliff Simon wrote; “Ati sasa ni kuangalia boy child…si angewapee boxer instead ya kalala ndani??.”

Fred Mc stated; “Ok I wonder what these politicians take us for. Maybe they are damn fools or we are dispeakable idiots.”

Karan’Jah Karash wrote; “The only person who can appreciate this is whoever has gone to school without underwear. And why is it that we have no problem with girls being given sanitary pads and made to lift them up?”