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Outrage after Kenya Power threw a cocktail party for magistrates

Kenyans online have bitterly protested revelations that Kenya Power chief executive Ken Tarus threw a cocktail party for magistrates at a posh Naivasha hotel.

Mr Tarus flew to Naivasha on Friday to attend the annual Magistrates’ colloquium at the Great Rift Valley Lodge.

Prior to his visit, he had dispatched an advance team that stormed the luxurious lodge on Thursday treating the judicial officers to a cocktail party whose bill was footed by Kenya Power.


The following day, Tarus accompanied by Kenya Power’s General Manager Beatrice Meso flew in at around 2pm and addressed the gathering of the ‘learned friends’ for three hours.

“Yes, we were treated to a Kenya Power cocktail yesterday (Thursday),” a senior Magistrate told the Sunday Nation.

Kenya Power Communication Manager Johnstone ole Turana said he saw no big deal in the meeting describing the free drinks and snacks for the magistrates as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility.

“It’s true that we sponsored the cocktail. And this is an open thing and I don’t think it is a big deal,” Mr Turana told Sunday Nation.

It later emerged that Kenya Power’s top brass had reached out to the leadership of the Judicial Training Institute to have a session with the magistrates as part of its transmitters anti-vandalism outreach mission.


This come at a time when the state agency is facing a civil suit for exaggerated electricity bills that has left many consumers complaining.

Kenyans online have termed the meeting as a mission set to defeat justice coming at a time when Kenya Power is facing a civil suit over inflated electricity bills at the High Court.

Mr Tarus is being sued for inflating bills to the tune of up to Sh8.1 billion for the months of November and December.

Taking to Twitter, Kenyans vented their frustrations

William Maswari; Ndio hayo sasa, “judiciary to help president Uhuru on fighting corruption” na bado

Despicable_Me; Someone post the list of attendees we deal with them….betrayal kabisa

John Ngila; All those judicial officers should be sent home. #Freeourjudiciary from those corrupt idiots.

Prof. Ngunjiri njeri; We will name them as soon as their start chewing that money.shame on them!

Cartoonist finally; The Cartels are not sleeping.

Rahma Swaleh; Yaani they bribed handsomely using our money for the services we pay for so handsomely and don’t get.. Wanielewa lakini..!!!

Harry; Then you run to court seeking justice. This country is tiring.