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Outrage over near-rape claims by mums at Kenyatta Hospital

Public outrage greeted claims of near-rape by new mothers at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) as they waited to be discharged.

In shocking Facebook posts, several women came out on Friday to complain how security at the national referral hospital is a big concern, especially for mothers whose newborns were in the nursery.

New mothers reside on the ground and third floors of the hospital, while babies are kept at a nursery on third floor.

The new mothers are only allowed to go breastfeed their children in intervals of two hours.

Some mothers claim that the journey from the ground floor to the nursery on third floor is a risky affair especially at night, when the hospital’s male staffers make attempts to rape them.


One new mother narrated how she went to breastfeed her baby at about 3am only to be attacked. She had given birth through cesarean section two days before her ordeal.

She said she was only saved by her screams for help that scared off the alleged attacker.

Nurses at the hospital have been reportedly advising the women to be always moving in groups when heading to breastfeed their newborns.

On Friday, Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists’ Union (KMPDU) Chairman Dr Samwel Oroko condemned the security laxity at the hospital and said they will pay it’s administrators a visit.

“We will on Friday visit KNH on a fact finding mission after receiving claims of the alleged sexual assault of a patient at Kenyatta National Hospital,” he said.


Another woman narrated how she was stopped by a nurse as she was about to go breastfeed her newborn. She claims the nurse told her not to use the lifts at night alone and that she should get inside any ward in case she heard the sound of trolley coming towards her.

Another victim narrated how she was chased down a corridor by an unknown male after she had just given birth through cesarean section.

At the time of filing this story, KMPDU officials were in a closed door meeting following up on claims of an alleged sexual assault of a female patient by a KNH staff.