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Outrage over rogue matatu driver who was pictured texting while driving

A driver belonging to the 2NK Matatu Sacco is expected to face disciplinary action after he was captured on camera driving while using his phone.

Top officials from the sacco have already presented themselves at the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), Nyeri offices on Thursday morning.

The picture, which has gone viral on social media, was shared by a netizen who goes by the name Kisii Bin Kisii on Facebook.

Kisii Bin Kisii claims the driver was driving at a speed of 100km/hr while busy sending a text message on his phone.

From the view from his windscreen the road appears to have little traffic.

“2NK Sacco driver, KCK 008M. Mukorino Driving at 100km/hr, while Texting,” wrote Kisii Bin Kisii.

The online community was outrage with the driver’s recklessness.

Others have called upon NTSA to take action against the driver and the matatu sacco, which they claim is notorious for road offenses.

“Maybe he was texting heaven,” said Bedan Mwangi.

“All his attention not on the road but on the phone. I would not wish to imagine what might happen next,” wrote Oduk Charles.

“Kwani ambeba ngombe za Museveni? People need to speak up,” commented Maryclaire Mutheu.

“It’s just the other day 2nk matatu collided head on with a canter near kinungi, kumbe this is what they do? No speed governor as well. NTSA kazi kwenyu!” stated Oliver Tambo.

“2Nk Sacco should suspended him immediately,” Tito Ndungu said.

“Very wrong in deed,” Nessh Captain commented.

NTSA has recently cracked the whip on rogue Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operator’s requesting the public to report such incidents for action to be taken.

In march this year, 11 passengers died on the spot after a 2NK matatu they were travelling in was hit by a truck at Kikopey in Gilgil on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.