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Owalo condemns Kisumu demolitions

Political strategist Eliud Owalo has condemned the recent demolitions in Kisumu County.

About 3000 people were rendered homeless in the demolitions in and around the lakeside city.

One person is also reported to have lost his life.

The demolitions are reportedly going to allow the Kenya Railways Corporation to reclaim grabbed land.

Owalo says the process should have been done in a humane manner.

“Already, a humanitarian catastrophe and at least one needless loss of life have been reported arising from the demolitions in Kibos, Muhoroni, Koru, Lela, and Otonglo areas within Kisumu County,” he explained.

“It is shocking that the political leadership in Nyanza which had a meeting in Kisumu County at the height of the evictions this week has turned a deaf ear, abandoned and ignored the plight of the poor and vulnerable people of the region. The political leadership has maintained a studious and conspicuous silence as the rich and powerful systematically use Kenya Railways to forcibly displace innocent and genuine title-holding’ Kenyans from their lands in cruel actions that are tantamount to crimes against humanity.”

Owalo, a close ally of Deputy President William Ruto, has also asked Kenya Railways to end the demolitions.

“Kenya Railways must immediately end this unlawful, cruel, and discriminatory demolitions and forced displacement of the people lest its management shall be held personally liable for the consequences of their actions and any other matters arising therefrom or incidental thereto. The political class who are the real faces behind these evictions should also be aware that they run the risk of being unmasked and subsequently convicted for crimes against humanity, however long it takes.”

The chaotic eviction characterised by tear gas saw the loss of property worth millions of shillings, including a mosque.