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Owner of facility where slain Pakistani journalist was last seen alive speaks

By Nyaboga Kiage November 13th, 2022 2 min read

The owner of AmmoDump Kwenia, the last place where slain Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif was seen alive has finally spoken out about the incident.

According to Mr Jamshaid Hussein Khan, the co-owner of the facility which is located in Kajiado West Sub County in Kajiado County, Mr Sharif was murdered in a case of mistaken identity.

Mr Khan said he had also in the past suffered a similar fate after he was accused of stealing a motor vehicle and was taken to the police.

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“The police officers even refused to hear anything from me even despite the fact that the vehicle was registered to my official name. It was until when the higher authorities reached out to the station where he had been booked in that he was set free,” Mr Khan said.

Mr Khan said he believes there was miscommunication between the two departments of police, regular and that of the General Service Unit (GSU) which led to the shooting incident.

He said in the past it was the Flying Squad department that used to deal with such cases but currently that is not the case after it was disbanded by former Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti.

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“I don’t know how GSU ended up being involved on this whole matter but from the look of things there was a miscommunication within the National Police Service,” he said.

Mr Khan however said he never met the slain journalist directly. He said was having dinner with the facility’s co-owner, Mr Waqar Ahmed, when he received a call informing him that Mr Sharif had been shot.

He said that it is then that Mr Waqar, who had been called by the brother, called Khurram and who was driving the vehicle when it was shot at by the police left in a hurry.

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The murder of the journalist hit global headlines with the Pakistani government demanded to be furnished with more details of the incident.

A statement released by the police after the incident revealed that Mr Sharif was shot dead in a case of mistaken identity.

The National Police Service also said police officers opened fire after the driver of the vehicle which Mr Sharif was failed to stopped after he had been flagged down.

At the time of his death, the slain journalist was in hiding in Kenya with the Pakistani government seeking his arrest.