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P-Square’s Mr P speaks after scammers use his deep fake videos to rob people

By Winnie Mabel October 14th, 2022 2 min read

Top Nigerian singer Mr Peter Okoye of the P-Square group asked for advice from his tweeps after being accused of scamming a Nigerian mother on October 13, 2022.

The accuser, @SandhiesE, claimed that Mr Okoye allegedly scammed her mother yesterday and, “even requested extra money again.” She went on to brand the musician a thief and a scammer.

The lady shared screenshots of Mr Okoye allegedly speaking to her mother on a WhatsApp video call, and a screenshot from First Bank showing that her mother, Esther Ambali, had transferred 10,000 (of an unknown currency) to an Okoye Mr Peter’s Guaranty Trust Bank account.

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Mr P formerly of P Square
Mr P formerly of P Square

She also tagged Zoom Up Your Life in her post, a top Nigerian online lottery that is promoted by Mr P.

“Dear fam! Pls, any advice?” Mr Okoye posed to his followers.

His followers told him to file a lawsuit against GT Bank to provide the identity of the man bearing the same name as his and posing as the musician to prevent his family name from being further stained.

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♬ original sound – peterMrp

Several other of his followers revealed either they or a relative had been scammed in the same way having talked to Mr Okoye and lost about 20,000 to 50,000.

“@PeterPsquare, this scam has been going on. I was nearly scammed but I sent a tweet to you to ascertain the veracity of it but you didn’t respond.

I know you are busy and can’t be responding to everyone, but do your utmost in responding to tweets related to this and use your legal team to go against the people that use your name, image and brand to dupe and defraud the unsuspecting public.

You can’t keep quiet and not fight this. They are soiling your name,” Chukwudumlkenna advised the singer.

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I DO ft @Tiwa Savage #FromTheProdigal

♬ original sound – peterMrp

One tweep sought to know how this scam took place and it was explained that people were using a video of Mr P’s previous lottery videos to scam people.

“It’s a recorded call from Mr P’s previous episodes. So these scammers try to speak in sync with Mr P’s lips, basically pretending to be Mr P.

They used another phone with Mr P’s old saved videos to call your mum (and) with another to keep talking different from what you’re saying,” several tweeps opined.

In September 2021, Mr P shared an update on his Twitter account saying there was no giveaway being promoted by himself and Zoom Up Your Life.

He also categorically stated that the lottery had no manager, was not on WhatsApp and all its tickets were strictly purchased from its verified website.

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