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P-Unit rubbishes split rumors with a new hit – AUDIO

Kenyan rap group P-Unit are back with a new song after being on a hiatus that had fueled rumors of a split.

The trio of Frasha, Bon Eye and Gabu released the new hit, Hold Tight, this week.  The song is a reggae/ragga song about friendship.

Hold Tight is the first single by the popular rap clique after a short hiatus from the music scene. It is a statement to the fans saying, “We never really left.”” a statement from their record label, Decimal Records, said.

Bon Eye said the short break from music was meant to enable each group member work on solo projects  and refresh their creativity.

Music producer Eric Musyoka said P-Unit plans to release a single every two months until December.

“The brief absence from the scene as P-Unit plays well into our strategy and allowed my boys to experiment and push the creative space which they have easily done by releasing bangers that are on heavy rotation,” said Musyoka.

“The new P-Unit brand as I see it, is more of growth rather than re-branding completely. Our fans have grown, we need to keep growing with them and keeping the hits and Kenyan street culture that P-Unit continues to be associated with alive. P Unit is here to stay and will always be the bigger brand, strengthened by individuals who make up the trio,” Bon Eye said.

Gabu is fresh off the release of his solo singles, while Frasha is currently on a countrywide tour of his debut solo album, Dakitare.

Listen to the new song here: