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Paid opportunity for young Kenyan content creators 

The Kenya Comms Hub is offering a four-month paid fellowship programme for highly collaborative and creative individuals based in Kenya. 

The Kenya Comms Hub (KCH) Fellowship Programme is for Kenyan Content Creators from any field (graphic designers, TikTokers, YouTubers, photographers, cartoonists and video producers who identify with any gender.

Kenya Comms Hub will award 10 fellowships to committed and creative persons that want to make a difference.

This programme focuses on cutting age, transformative digital strategies that can be used by young people to change narratives, share stories and document wins. 

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This fellowship will give the creator access to a network of fellow content creators, with whom you will mingle, share ideas, and explore creative bursts, both in and outside the fellowship.

The fellowship will allow the creator to showcase and improve your digital outreach skills. You will learn how your content can reach and engage with wider audiences  while making an impact towards social justice around reproductive health.

Beyond getting a diploma, the creator will have personal recognition by the Kenyan Comms Hub and be part of the content producer ecosystem for future projects.

To top it all off, the creator not only gets to learn new, innovative strategies, but also gets to receive a USD 1,600 (Sh200,000) stipend for the four months.

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The fellowship will start in early February 2023 and finish at the end of May (4 months). Each fellow will be asked to produce 4 pieces of content per month, totaling 16 pieces per fellow during the duration of the program. For this round of the fellowship, only 10 slots are available.

As fellow, one will participate fully in the collective campaign by adapting the programme’s narrative framing and messaging insights into creative content that resonates with key audiences. Fellow will also support the campaign with one of the campaign’s key collective actions – content dissemination.

One will also have the opportunity to participate in different collective learning and co-creation spaces where we will focus on using evidence-based insights to develop truthful and influential content.

Additionally, the creator will participate in multidisciplinary spaces that we will facilitate both digital and face-to-face, to share innovations on strategic comms, data analysis, social media tactics, and storytelling.

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